I'm happy to say no in-laws mon. or yesterday, maybe the high gas prices will keep them away for a while. I have been enjoying the last 2 days peacefully. So much to do to get Stephen ready to go and i just keep putting it all off, haven't even got the suit case down yet. Did make him do his own laundry as he will have to do it hjimself at Lyons. Every6 now and then(like yesterday evening) i get such a quiet peaceful feeling that Suzette is in a better place and will never have to go through the heartaches of living, i like tio think it is her letting me know she is ok. So much to do over next few days i will have to get my butt in gear. Still feeling some of that peaceful feeling and like all the other emotions it confuses me when it comes and i never know how long it will last. Luv and hugs to all and a good day.