I made it through the weekend but am very angry. It started fri eve Suzette"s class ring arrived-finnally, it should have been ordered last year but she didn't tell us about it then, thought we couldn't afford it so it was ordered this year and she never got to see it, all this senior stuff coming in makes me so angry that she worked so hard and never got to see most of it, at least they are letting us have her diploma. We had a cookout sat with sis and family and bro-in-law and family and i discovered one thing it doesn't matter what day you celebrate that's the day she shoould be there too. I have been angry since, destructive angry, everytime i pick something up or even look at some thing sometimes i imagine throwing it through a window or look for something to break it on, the image and urge are so strong it's hard to control. We have a wooden shed out back that needs tore down and i askeed hubby if i could start pounding on it with something he says he'll let me but i hope he hurrys with it, he doesn't want me to do it alone and he's been working 2 jobs lately with farming.,don't know if it will make me feel better but the urge to destroy is there. On a good note, my hutch finally came!!!I can get her and her stuff put up now, have decided to wait to work on pic collages, I can't get myself to go through all the pics like i need to. I will take a pic and put it on here when i get it done, as done as I'm doing now anyway. So many emotions right now and grad is fri eve so i need to try to prepare for that, if that's possible. Love and hugs to all and thanks again for being here and understanding.