Got a call from the nurse clinician for Children's Hosp. yesterday. She just needed a little more info from me and wanted to explain how things work. Apparently on Thurs. at our apptmt. we also get a tour of the facility and programs and a chance to ask questions.This will be really good for Sarah especially, as she's had a thousand questions about what it'll be like for her in hospital.We expect that she'll be in for at least a few weeks, maybe longer, as they probably have to get a base line on her meds. She is on a lot of meds and they think that something has mixed together to cause at least some if not all of her physical symptoms.So they need to basically take her off everything(?), make her better, hopefully, then start over on her psych symptoms and rebuild her therapy without making her sick again.Also there's the possibility that there is something else physical going on with her that is making her sick and the dr.  says that once she's in hosp, that she can get all the tests she needs to determine what's what.I want her to be better but I'm not looking forward to the process. And I'm a little scared of taking her off all her psych meds and finding out what she's like without them. She hasn't been med free for a really long time and her OCD has gotten way worse and she's developed the bipolar part in the meantime.I'm trying not to think the worst , but in the back of my mind is a picture of my baby girl acting out of control in a psych ward. Please God.