2/19/14: Today I am grateful for the music of the Beatles. They can make me cry, or smile or sing out loud.  :)
2/20/14: the sound of little children reminds me that there is much to look forward to in my life.  I need to remember to look!
2/21/14:  a kiss of warm sun on my face when I went to lunch. Reminded me of the walks we would take.
2/22/14: a good nights sleep with the window open a bit. The fresh air was so welcome!
2/23/14: grateful for 2 of the best parents a girl could have - loving, supportive and kind.  Love you Mom & Dad!
2/24/14: routine.  Routine is a good thing. It keeps me moving forward.
2/25/14: grateful for my cat, Curtis.  He has never been much of a lap cat (he is almost 7 yrs olds), but since Mark died, he has gotten cuddly. He even seems to like Randa, my granddaughter who is almost 3, and Curtis has NEVER  been a "people" cat.