well things are going ok. I graduated and am now going to school at Santa Monica, CA. i'm pretty excited to get out and go somewhere different but am a lil scared because idk if i'll be able to make if or not ya know? but im just so excited to start my life.  My mom and dad are still separated...not sure if i've wrote about that or not, prolly did. well it's still a little hard. i think my mom is seeing another guy i know that cuz well im an evil child and looked through my mom's txt messages. it's kind of funny tho cuz normally it's the other way around, parents look through kids messages to find info out...this time it's kid looking through rents messages to find info out. she is talking to this guy steve and she's saying how lucky she is to meet him and she's said i love you to him and so idk. my dad really loves my mom still and i think he will alway's, and i know she doesn't love him in that way so idk why they don't get a divorce. i think my mom is scared to be not married to him but it's not fair to my dad to keep thinkin there is hope ya know? idk i think my dad is giving up hope.  well i get to watch my niece wall week from 9:30 to midnight. sometimes i wish she was mine i love her so much and i know i would be a better mom then heather (khloes mom). her mom is just dumb and alway's yell's at khloe, doesn't take good care of her. but i don't think i want a kid now, someday i do. but i think i could be a good nanny tho.