halloween was yesterday, hope everyone had a good halloween! i went down to hang out with one of my friends and another friend came with me. i had fun, we alway's have fun together. we went to a couple parties i didn't drink much. my one friend that lived down there said she'd be the DD but she ended up drinkking too but not very much but still so i just stopped drinking cuz it doesn't take much for her to get drunk but she didn't get drunk. so i ended up being the DD but that's ok. we went to one of their friends apartments and just drank there most the night and the guy who lives there was hitting on me when we were leaving. he keept staring at me the whole night and it was weird. but we were leaving and he wanted me to come back the next night cuz there would be more people and a better party but i told him i didn't know cuz my friend drove us down and stuff and he like put his hand around my waist and was like well u know u can come anytime you like and i was just like um ya and told my friend that we needed to leave so i was leaving and he grabbed my butt and i had to stop cuz ppl were in my way to get out the door and he put his hand around my waist again and so i pushed my way through and me AGAIN grabbed my butt. ugh i hate ppl like that. but ya so that was my night.

i haven't been doing good lately. been really down and just not talkign to people and wanting to sleep all the time. i dont' know what it is. i wish i could just sleep all the time.