my friend amanda is home for 10 days!!! omg im so happy! she came home for some family troubles but im just glad she's here. she stopped by here tonight and we talked for a lil bit but not to long cuz i had to get back in and finish some home work and its a school night to so it omg it was so good to see her i missed her so much!! the dance auditions didn't go so well. we learned 3 routines in an hour so that was tough and they started the auditions at 1 and while ppl were auditioning you could pratice and they let the music play over and over lol by legs and arms got really tired. i drew a blank when i got into the auditions it was horrible. i wanted to cry, like i knew the dance but it was so much harder when you have judges watching you. and no one else really knew the dance so that was hard too cuz i woudl do a part and they woudl be doing something diff so i'd stop but i was acutally right lol ugh it just wasn't good lol. o well it was a good experience. well im off to bed cuz im way way tired!