To my wonderful Dad,I have not written in a while i know you are with me and you know whats going on.I want you to know I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.Everyday just seems to be getting worse again.Mum's still not good Wayne just won't stop keeping busy i'm afraid he's going to break down soon.Aaron's not having a good time,i know he's lossed both his grandads now within 3 months but he's got his self into debt which i'm not happy about and i know you wouldn't be.Liam just plods along doing his football now he's in the cricket team.We all miss you.Mum is upseting me abit because she keeps talking to Aaron about his situation and it should be me.You know what she like with him being her first granchild lol.Dad I'm getting myself into a rut i just can't seem to get out of it.I need to start being positve buts it's so hard at the moment.I will do it Dad.                                  BIG CUDDLES AND LOADS OF LOVE.SUE XXXXXXXXXX