The last few days i've just got along .I had been feeling very angry,my mum's brothers and sisters one inparticular that looks after my nan got the hump because my mum said she would'nt be able to go and look after nan for 2 weeks as she really doesn't feel up to it.She was so nasty,mum did'nt say she would do anything but just could'nt be there the whole two weeks.Apprently she needs a holiday what about my mum she been through so much and it's only 6 weeks since dads gone it makes me so angry but i have to keep quiet as she'll take it out on nan but my time will come and i'll tell them what i think.
Also dads car went sunday that was hard people bartering for it.It was a great car and the price they got it for they got a good bargin.It was'nt the money that bothered me it was the way they kept knocking my brother down,mum would'nt let me go out cos i would of told them where to go.It was the fact that it was my dads and he gone and it did'nt matter.It came to one point where my brother nearly losted it when they said it was for thier son who was studying so my brother turned round and said well my dad just died if your playing the sympathy card and the money is for his grandchilren but that went on deaf ears.
Well 1 positive i think,i seem to be remembering dad in his joggers,t-shirt,trainers and his blue and red puffer coat which makes me smile so its better than remembering thoughs last few hours which i have'nt fogotten but are a just they bit further back of my mind.I seem to have calmed down a bit i hate feeling angry all the time.I have to concetrate on my mum and brother they not good ,mums goint to doctors hopefully the put her in for some counseling and give her some medication she suffers with arthitus quite bad so it all not helping and wayne has done all the paper work and he has'nt had time to grieve properly as he's kept himself busy.
I think thats all for now.Dad love you and miss you with all my heart and give grandad my love.xxxxxxxxxx