I went to the RE's office Monday.  He wants us to do an IUI. I am so nervous.  They have to do an in depth physical and lab work. I did that on Monday. My husband goes for another semen sample on Friday.  The doc thinks that it might be his sperm thats the problem and not me??.. Wow that was a hoot to here.  I had all kinds of emotions, nervous, fretting, worrying.  We are deciding to do the IUI, but my worry is that it might take more than one cycle and we just don't have more than one cycle money!  Considering the insurance wont touch it with a ten foot pole!!  Then my mind went to wondering, what if they find out I have a terrible disease in my blood!! You know I worry like a crazy woman!!! I have to take a step back and let things just flow like it should!! Thats just that!!