Hot, hot, hot! Hopefully, our 90 degree and up weather is moving outta here! For the first time in several days, my a/c has actually cut off for a few minutes! The warm temps are great for arthritis, but not so great for electric bills! It seems that I sleep alot more when the hot weather is here, which is probably a good up some extra energy for cooler days! Had a good event on Monday. The retaining wall at the side of my house that the neighbor's kids destroyed a few weeks ago has been repaired and the neighbors have moved! The guy that owns the house had the wall repaired, which he didn't have to do, but chose to do. He has been very thoughtful and a good friend since he bought the house next door, even if it is rental property. So, today, I am sending a very special 'thank you' to God for people like him! Hope everyone has a great day and something good comes your way!