Yesterday proved to be interesting in the neighborhood! I live beside of a rented house that includes too many people! The kids love to play outside, but their parents never keep an eye on them, and yesterday was the 'last straw' with that bunch! While I was chatting on the phone, my dogs started barking and running around like never before! Wellllll.....all the kids next door had disappeared, and my small retaining wall had been leveled AAUGH! In the last two weeks, these kids have really been something! I have picked up a 50-gallon bag full of trash from my yard, had a broken window, and now this! Since I know the owner of the property, I called him after calming down awhile....he had not realized how destructive they had been to his property and to the neighborhood! Long story short, they will be (voluntarly) moving as soon as they find another place. It really bothers me to see little kids growing up like this, but that's something I have to turn over to God.....his territory to hande!