Good day

I had a good time at my writing group today. I cancel often because of my social anxiety but I've been trying to go to the things that I'm committed to lately. Right now that just means my writing and my church. I just started back to church a month ago and it's going well, but it takes a lot to work up to going. I have to start on Saturday night to lay out my clothes and prepare myself. In the morning I get up very early so I am not stressed and running out the door after just waking. Taking care in advance has been helping me not to skip. 
In my writing group I was very open about a few of my issues, more than in the past. I wanted them to know I was committed to joining in but sometimes I get nervous and don't leave the house. It embarrassed me but it also felt good to be honest. It was a small group today, just our core group of 4, so I felt more comfortable talking, also because they were open about their writing issues.''