51 days... Seems so far away...

Ok, so a few things happened since I last posted. So I'll number them and go in order.
1) I saw Dr. P Wednesday morning and though I'm doing better, he agreed that I should 'keep the momentum going' and do another group. I'm waiting to hear back from the group leader about that.
2) I got a positive LH test on Wednesday afternoon. DH was home, so he and I rejoiced a bit but didn't BD until later as we potentially had company coming. I ended up confused the next day though, since I got a negative and my BBT dropped. Then I realized that my BBT is not all that reliable, since I have very bad internal temperature control as is and outside influence causes my temperature to be higher or lower than it should be very easily.
3) Dad went to see a new specialist in our family doctor's clinic to get some skin lumps biopsied and tested for skin cancer. He's had skin cancer twice, the first time ended up with them taking about 1/3 of his lower lip out (he had a recurring cold sore on his lip in the same spot every year and would always tend to hold his cigarettes in his lips over that spot when he smoked so it started there). Then the cancer returned on his lip and he had a layer skimmed off the top... sounds painful and probably was. Now he's got 4 different spots of skin cancer that have now been removed. The specialist was shocked that with his current lymphoma and a history of skin cancer, that he's not been watched for more developing. She also told my Mum that she wants to monitor her and my brothers and I as fair skinned peopled like us tend to develop skin cancer easier AND chances are increased a LOT when one parent has had skin cancer (even more so if both have it). So, I guess I'm eventually booking an appointment with this specialist... I have several lumps that look a lot like skin cysts that should be checked out (as that's what Dad's appeared to be).
4) Dad is FINALLY getting chemo!!! He got a central PIC line put in yesterday and he starts chemo on Monday. I don't know what the full plan is, but he's getting the bendamustine and he only gets it once a month. Mum talked to the pharmacist at the cancer clinic and inquired about anti-nausea meds, since Dad doesn't handle being sick very well (even a normal upset stomach causes him to go pale and shaky) and his oncologist was to set up a regime for him to help limit the nausea caused by this chemo. The pharmacist decided to take things one step further and make his own mix of meds for Dad to ensure that he doesn't get ill.
I think there's more but I can't remember it all right now. Aaaand my parents and nephew just arrived.



I will say a prayer for your dad! Glad he is startin chemo and really really hope it helps :)