Doing Better

Good news!  I finally was accepted to the Joslin Center for Diabetes.  They are part of Syracuse University Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY.  I am now using insulin at bedtime and this has helped tremendously. Giving myself a shot was a little intimidating, but I got used to it and it doesn't even hurt.  I am feeling so much better.  I am also watching what I eat religiously so I do not make my blood sugar high.  Everyone at Joslin is so nice.  They have the doctors, nutritionists, diabetes education classes, podiatrist, just everything needed to manage diabetes.  I do have an enzyme in my liver that is high, so I have to see a gastroenterologist to find out what is wrong there.  For now, I am staying at my daughter's home as she is having a baby.  I am helping her with her autistic step-son who is 5, and her twin boys who are 2.  Actually, she went to the hospital today.  As soon as things settle down, I will be going back home to Syracuse (they live in a small town called Spencer, about 20 miles from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.)  I will write again when I get home.