5 Months from Dday

Tomorrow it will be 5 months from the worst day of my life.  I think I have come a long way since then.  One of the things that hurt the worst is that he was never going to stop seeing her unless I made him.  I tried many times to make our relationship better but he wasn't interested.  Once I confronted him and made him choose he chose me and has made every effort to be caring and attentive.  I think I have had to find myself before working on our relationship again.  I feel much stronger now and more at peace with myself.  I don't think I need him anymore like I used to but I finally feel I can be receptive to him again.  He betrayed me for over 4 years but I now see it as a weakness in him and not me.  I have lost a little respect for him and I think he has to earn it back.