5 months and $15.39

Friday was 5 months for my cat to be "gone.'  Went to bed last night at 7:47 cause of that?  Even fell asleep fast.
My cat and I went through a lot together, for 20 years; he kept me going, so I guess it's just natural for me to be depressed, and to have slowed down now that he's gone.
Fate; poor cat passed on just before I started going broke; down to $1.39 in bank last month.  And last month my own bad health, of 96 and 97 point something for body temperature, and waking up with a bent finger that I have to forcibly straighten out.
Summer for early sunrise; have started biking 2 miles to Walmart again; been months for that; tomorrow, hopefully to bike at 4:45 to Walmart.  Have $15.39 in bank, and $35 at home to spend; pace that out for spending at walmart, as an excuse to bike.



So sorry Mike. Some things you just never get over. Although I still have my11 and 21 year old kitties I still grieve terribly for my Little Bear.

A week ago or so I could not find Picard for a few hours. I about went off the deep end.

Had some shopping to do and was dreading coming back home lest I have to \"find\" another dead cat.

So down the stairs I creep calling to him and there he is sunning himself in his favorite window.

I pick him up and he is very limp in my arms. He droops around like that for t he rest of the day and I am thinking the end is near.

But Presto! Next day he is running around like a kitten again.

I am so sorry for your declining health, but agree you need to keep moving so as to make the best of it.

2014 has not been very good to me health wise either. I\'ll journal about it later in case anyone wants to read the long boring story! =)

Hey P, haven\'t said hi in a while.
It\'s really tough to endure the loss of our animal friends. You had him for 20 yrs. that\'s a really long time. I am sorry you\'ve had to endure the pain and sadness. It IS natural to feel like you do. You are right. And You are still grieving. It\'s going to take time. And you\'ll always miss him I\'m sure.
I still think about my dog and miss her who passed 4 yrs ago this month.

Do you think you may have arthritis? Your finger doing that could be arthritis. I hope you\'ll be ok.
I\'m sorry to hear that your finances are worse. You are probably good at stretching that dollar as far as you can. I know it\'s not easy having to do that. I hope things pick up for you.


I\'m sorry to hear 2014 has been bad for you, too. I\'ll be sure to catch your journal, probably after I fall back asleep (I just woke up, at 330).

hi, Naturegirl65,

yeah, the \"A\" word is scaring me....woke at 330, its 417 now---and once again had to bend my bent finger back into a straight position.

a part of me can laugh, now, at the mess I\'m in, since, as broke as I am, I\'m still better off than last month