OK, I've got a few minutes to write. Phew. Despite an aggressive plan to watch the new "Lost", my wife fell asleep while I was putting the kids to bed, so it looks like a night on the computer. Well, almost...actually, I'll hopefully finish reading "What Is The What", this fantastic book about Sudan that I can't put down. It's a crazy novel (although it's apparently mostly fact) about the Lost Boys of Sudan, these young kids who survived the civil war (barely) and eventually made it to America. It's crazy-good. So I've got two subjects tonight: Microsoft/Yahoo, and Super Tuesday. I know, random...well, it is MY JOURNAL, after all. So, unless you're in a cave, you may have heard that Microsoft is likely going to buy Yahoo for $45 billion. Hearing this news, and living with the endless speculation that's followed over the weekend, has left me feeling like I just saw the best movie with the absolute worst ending. I worked at Yahoo for about 10 years, and it was literally the experience of a lifetime...I will never forget the independence, comraderie and general sense of selfless purpose that drove Yahoo through at least the first half of my career there. I was given tremendous amounts of responsibility, and the company proved that sometimes you can be rewarded for simply doing great things for people. Unfortunately, all of that changed around 2000, when the stock market dived and Yahoo stock came with it. Suddenly, the focus at Yahoo turned completely away from innovation and a long-term value, culminating in the hire of Terry Semel, who couldn't tell a computer from a toaster. Yahoo proceeded to support and create Google while undermining all of it's technological knowledge and creating massive infighting between divisions while Terry essentailly stole $500 million and got credit for a "turn-around" which was actually just a bunch of short-term advertising deals. Yeah, I'm bitter. Or maybe I'm just sad. A company with such limitless potential and huge amounts of momentum and goodwill basically squandered it all, and the world just ran right by...after I left Yahoo and went to Facebook, I once again got to experience the magic of just building great products, and it reminded me so much of the early days, before the poison set in.  I hope Facebook can preserve the greatness that Yahoo so clearly lost.  I know Google's going through it's own issues as it gets bigger and everyone gets rich, but there still seems to be a whisper of innovation and excitement in the halls of Google, and the talented folks there seem to appreciate the role they're having in society. I guess we'll see how it feels to be a Googler if the stock goes down to $300... OK, I'm done. Just wanted to say how sad it is that the company that could do everything will end up a division of a company that makes operating systems. And now...Super Tuesday. I have to be honest...I've been very disengaged from this election, as I've just found myself so disenchanted with American politics. It's as if every policy that's been adopted in the last 8 years was specifically tailored to be the most idiotic, short-term and aggravating way that a country could handle an issue...and I'm not just talking about the executive branch. Congress is a mess...all political infighting and pork. It's as if Congressional Democrats and Republicans are too busy fighting each other to remember that they're actually supposed to make the world better. Seriously....has anything of value come out of our government in the last 8 years?  All of this pain has left me wasted, and frankly not caring about who wins the presidency, because it all means more of the same. I long for a new, fresh candidate without Washington's poison...and I have yet to see this person. Call it what you want, but Obama, Hilary, McCain and Huckabee have all contributed to today's mess...which is why I was excited by Ron Paul, until I read about his wackiness, and now Bloomberg, although it sounds like he ain't gonna run (which is a real bummer). I went to college to study Policitical Science, and I'm keenly interested in world affairs...but I'm just so embarrassed by the behavior of my country that I find it hard to care about what happens next. Ultimately, I'll vote, and you should too, because voting is a precious human right that should always be exercised, but I've never felt so disheartened about the power of what that vote actually means. The Electoral College is a joke...all this garbage about delegates counting and disqualifications...should it really be that hard? Could we actually have candidates running with NEW ideas, and different perspectives? Might it be possible to not be embarrassed when I travel to other countries? I'm so tired of saying "That's not MY government"...it would be so cool to be proud of what my country can do. I'd also like to see a politician stand up to all the patriotic nonsense and deal honestly with Americans. The reality is this - America will not be a lone superpower for long, and we are part of a community of nations. We need to act like good neighbors, not be the world's joke. I feel like America, and Americans, would rather bomb and bribe other nations than deal with them as equals. Meanwhile, we're like junkies with oil and our "old ways" of doing things...can you imagine what we could have accomplished if we took the $1 TRILLION spent on Iraq and put it towards education, energy research and healthcare? Mind-blowing. There are times when I think of moving somewhere else...I get so frustrated. But I don't move...and I won't. I'll vote, and I'll discuss politics and try to hold my temper...and I'll hope for the best. Just maybe, things will get better.  And no, I'm not telling you who I'm voting for. ;)