Today is Sunday, February 10, 2008.  Oh what a weekend it has been….First of all on Friday night, February 8, 2008 while attempting to dig out our old car seats, pack-n-play and other items in preparation for the arrival of our baby-boy-to-be my husband and I determined that the jerks that we had move all of our belongings 3.5 years ago apparently chose to keep our baby swing along with several other items that have turned up missing.  If you are asking yourself why that is such a big deal, it’s because of the fact that when we registered for and received all of our items prior to our daughter being born over 5.5 years ago we chose all of the same pattern that are no longer available and because it was our daughters and we wanted to pass on and/or use for our little boy and now we can’t.  We were both extremely disheartened and heartbroken.Then on Saturday morning I woke up around 4:00am after having had several nightmares.  I awakened my wonderful husband, told him that I was having a bad night and ended up breaking down into tears like I haven’t cried in many many months.  I think my breakdown was as a result of the night before and as a result of the fact that one year ago yesterday I had my D&C done stripping me of my lifeless Angel (Angela Christine) that I soooo dearly wanted.  My whole theory during this breakdown was that all that we have been faced with in life is loss and how very tired I am of losing, and my husband just agreed that unfortunately we have been dealt a nasty hand of cards.  I finally settled down after about 30 minutes and passed out….Anyway, as always please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please know that I’ll always be thinking of and praying for you and please take care of and be good to yourself…  Gina