Well Journal,
   Not the best of days for me,i have been trying to get in a better frame of mind lately,and i just cant,everytime i turn around something else gets in the way of me moving on with what I need to do......
 Its become increasingly hard for me to put myself first and foremost(and no I am not giving up the fight) just some days it drags me down,because i think (i may have a touch of OCD)  i want everything done quickly and to my specifications,tired of chasing people(my lawyer for 1,my therapist for another),it just seems like 1 of those weeks where nothing is coming together for me and i get frustrated and angry.
My mind says it will come together for me,but i am one of those people that is not very good at waiting,which seems to be all i am doing lately......STBX is a pain in my butt,and work is work with all idiot co-workers also.
I worry ALOT!! not about my self,but for others ,my parents,my niece who we just found out is only 4 weeks pregnant not 8,thats why they could not hear the heartbeat b4 this past tuesday.
Now i recv'd a text from my GF(the one we had the bridal shower for on sunday),and her fiancee' just came home early,because he got laid off TODAY from his job,4 jobs in 5 years this man has been laid off from.....I see a pattern here,but god forbid i tell her that, I mean he is a nice guy,but he is 1 of those workers that wants to be head of the company in 2 months time,so i think thats what happened this time,he may have gotten a little to big for his britches and probably pissed off his bosses. She wont tell me the real reason,she never does.
I am trying to put all this on the back burner of my mind,and concentrate on me,myself and I,then i think am i being selfish here?Its just so hard somedays,but I have 4 days off next week  thurs-sunday,(which i cant wait for),cuz maybe then I can get most of my stuff done and push forward more with my goals....here's hopeing.