Good news

Tomorrow I start working. It's only for about 6 weeks, but better than nothing, and it pays well. I will feel like I'm making a contribution again and thats a good thing. With any luck at all, I will get enough time to allow me to collect pogy when it's done. With me work either rains or pours, my father inlaw fell and broke his hip, so I need to build him a handrail to help him get in and out of the house. It's nice to have the knowledge and equipment to do stuff like that though. When I think about that I think of how fortunate I really am. It's the little things(well not so little) that we all enjoy and tend to take for granted. Like walking to the store or running an errand, it may seem like a pain in the ass all the time but being able to walk. We all should enjoy every step just for the reason that we can do it. Did you ever think about if you couldn't see and how our lives would be so much more difficult. Just owning a computer seems to us these days as an everyday asset, but what would life be like if we didn't have them, we would never have met all the people  whoes advice we enjoy every day. Well enough rambling for now, just remember we all have to stop and notice and enjoy all the little things and appreciate them.