One more day

The weekend if over.  My youngest comes home tomorrow. 
What a miserable time.   My husband and I sniped at each other all weekend.  And every little thing so got on my nerves.   He belittles everything I think or feel.
We went to McDonalds for breakfast and I ordered two items.   He looked at me and said "is that going to be enough food?"  Like I don't know if I am hungry or what I want to eat.
We picked up lunchables for a picnic and I got a turkey one and said I wished they had ham and cheese as not thrilled with turkey.  He found a ham and turkey and cheese and told me I should get it.  I said no I didn't want that one it had cheez its in it.  He said he would switch sandwiches with me.  I told him no and he put it in the cart.   I asked why and he said he was going to switch sandwiches with me.  I looked at him and told him I got what I wanted and he should get what he wanted and I was not going to switch with him.
Later in the car I suggested he turn right as it would avoid a difficult intersection.  I have been working at a new location and said I had found an easier way.  He said he didn't see my way would be any easier and went the way he wanted.
And so it continued all weekend long.  I got very snippy and told him he didn't start the laundry before church like he should so our son who comes to use the washer every Sunday would be able to use it in the afternoon.  I suggested a couple movies to go see and he said there was nothing out he was interested in.
If this is a preview of what we will be like when our last child moves out it is not going to be fun at all. 



I\'m sorry your husband isnt being there for you emotionally.I know alot of men are like this.It really need him to be there and at least listen to you and care.I hope it gets easier with time.Hugs xxxxx