New Year

Well started out the New Year very well.  Went to some friends' house that are very upbeat.  It was risky as took my kids and they are drinkers and we are not and the boys did not want to go, but everyone laughed and had a good time.  Actually stayed longer than I intended to as thought everyone was having fun.  Asked after if I had kept us there too long and got told no, they were getting tired, so was just the right time to leave, but were having a good time.
Woke up feeling tired, but with a nice glow of good times with friends.  Socializing so rarely goes well I was very happy.
Watched the Rose Parade and made a comment that they don't show the bands going around the corners any more from above.  They used to critique every band and how they handled the corners and don't now.  Said I guess they thought it was too negative, but I had really enjoyed the ones that did well.
Oh husband said well you like to watch beauty pageants so you can say how ugly the women are and that their dresses are terrible.  Said but I like some of them too, but husband said yeah but you really just want to comment on the bad ones.  Then my youngest son  how all I ever do is make fun of others.  Not long after I said we didn't have to watch it as no one else really enjoys it so I don't really need to watch it any more.  My middle son...yeah you always blame it on us... my youngest  yeah it is all always our fault.
Not feeling so great anymore.  Wonder if I will get through the day without a trip to the bathroom to cry.  I have already left the room where everyone else is gathered and sitting by myself as afraid to say anything at all cause it will be wrong.  Everything I say is.  I have problems staying positive and I know it, but so hurts when everyone twists casual comments into me being negative.   I didn't think  I was I was just talking about how something used to be.  I even said how I enjoyed the bands that cornered well.
I am just a waste of noise and should keep my mouth shut at all times. 



The last comment is how they are making you feel and not hard fact. You may want to remind them that it is they who don\'t appreciate your opinion and if they can\'t it\'s their own problem. Don\'t bicker with them either, I would just ask for their opinion of whatever said thing is. I hope you get feeling better!