Saw the pcp today, went pretty well. I'll no more when the tests come back. She put me on an anti depressent. She says if after a month I feel better meaning less pain then I'll stay on it if not I'll quit. Hopefully something will make me feel better, so tired of being tired all the time. It would be nice if I could have a little more energy for the kids. Speaking of kids Jackson was a little more difficult today! He did not want to sleep, its like he thought he was gonna miss something. It was nice enough to take the kids to the park today! surprise surprise! So glad we live so close to a really nice park Olivia loves it and it really poops them out.Jay went back out on the road the other day not sure how its gonna go. These fuel prices are killing us. He was home for quite awhile couldn't find a decent load. We are absolutely avoiding CA!! The fuel prices have always been bad their, they even charge for you to park at the truck stops!!  Diesel is so high their so if you fuel up before you hit CA you still have to pay fuel tax for the amount of miles you drove in that state, sounds like extortion to me!oh well need to catch up on some housework befor bed!! Goodnight!