day 20

Man, I'm feeling SO much better now that I'm back on my Wellbutrin! I guess you could even say its my miracle drug Seriously, for the 3 days I was without it, I couldn't do anything... I had to peel myself out of bed, all I wanted to do was sleep, even when I was sleep 10hr, I wanted moooore. Even Riley wasn't putting a smile on my face But all is well, I have a 3 mo. supply, and go to the dr on 2/2 to find out if she (my obgyn) can just rx to me full time or if I need to go to a gp. We'll see. Anyway, the biggest loser if on, must go do my bike ride while I watch, just wanted to enter my stats   Calories: 1442 (only 83g protein , but I didn't do heavy lifting, so its ok...)Exercise: AM workout: pull-ups, back rows, shoulder press              evening 15 min. walk (reg. pace)               45 min. bike Supplements: dvno nicotine!!!!!!!!