I've been ignoring my tracking because I was traveling and because I was disgusted with how much pain medication I was using.  On Sept 30 PC gave me a trigger pt injection that seriously screwed me up - on the evening of Oct 2 I was on the ground in a balll.  I'm finally better so ... But I did keep a pretty good record in my written journal  10/1 one imitrex and four vicodin10/2 on imitrex and three vicodin10/3 three and half vicodin10/4 on imitrex and three and half vicodin10/5 three vicodin10/6 six vicodin (airplane)10/6 imitrex and two vicodin10/7 Four vicodin10/8 Three vicodin10/9 imitrex and three and half10/10 two and half vicodin10/11one and half10/12 one vicodin10/13 so far zero