Today I'm going to try one percocet in the morning and one in the afternoon and see what happens. I have high hopes.  but I need to get off the computer soon.   I have to write about my birthday dinner though.  Mary didn't show up - which is why I wanted the dinner.  Mother...ah, mother.  sigh.  She set her camera up on a tripod so the first few pictures were of herself and Kathy.  Then she went to both sides of the table and got everyone's pictures except mine and sat down.  The others were shocked..."what about your daughter?  It's HER birthday."  I laughed and said, yeah, it's all about me.  She was embarrassed but not too bad.  I'm learning not to be a victim so she can breeze past it.  In the end it is better for both of us.  Then she was drunk and brought out my baby scrapbook which is "all about me" as well.  She had her fingers dug in the spine of it trying to pry it apart saying "I can't get it open."  I could just see the little ropey thing giving way and paper flying everywhere...after an appropriate interval, I went in the next room to decompress.  7/9 four percocet