NO VICODIN yesterday !!!! yeah! AND I stayed up to eleven at night and got up at 8:30 (awake before then)  I'm feeling good again.  I guess the Cipro kicked in.  I'm so very very grateful.  I made myself go to a faculty fish fry - took a valium because my social anxiety almost had me bailing out.  Everyone else gets to have a beer so... Anyway, I enjoyed myself and made friends with the dean - my age - who came over to watch a movie.  Not that I'm interested in more - but it would be very nice to have a friend to hang out with . He writes too - screenplays - so we can talk writing stuff.   Anyway just a great day and I plan to paint and have dinner at mothers (no valium needed for that) and have a totally pill free day (except of course for the "regular" pills.  I'm going to have to research earplugs now that I realize the airline safety announcements trigger migraines.  All have I have to do is thing back to times when I've got my fingers in my ears...and yep, that was a trigger.  Problem is that it is SO loud the sound waves penetrate my face.  But maybe there are some fancy earplugs out there.