I'm still sore in the left jaw and now under my chin to the right (a lymph node is there isn't it?)  My back hurts but I upholstered the second bench anyway.  Who knew that little crafty things like that took so much energy.  I just sat and rested afterward.  Now my hands hurt and my neck is worse.  I'm not taking a vicodin yet because I still have enough energy to distract myself with chores, exercise etc.  I'll need it tonight when I have to sit still at church and later at the play.  Maybe i can get by with only one.My agent turned down the heretic book.  I should be disappointed but i'm just glad I don't have to write the damn thing.  He says I should take notes on "slowing down" - write a book about that.  I could write about fibromyalgia...but I don't want to do that either.   I'm just so very very tired.