Felt MUCH better today.  Boy what a difference a day makes.  Had a "Chicken Little" kind of morning at work today.(Chicken Little = The sky is falling!......the sky is falling!)smiley-surprised.gif  Mucked my way through several issues. Sure made the morning just zip right on by.  Walked over to the pool at lunch and discovered it will be closed until Thursday. I  don't even have to feel guilty about not going for few days...SA WEET.It was a nice walk over and back from the pool.... way too nice a day to be indoors.

 Had to go to the animal shelter this morning.  Man I hate going to that place .... I'm an animal lover ...PLEASE..... spay and neuter your pets!  Ok....I'll get down off of my soapbox nowsmiley-laughing.gif

Hope others had a good or ok day.  Thoughts are with those having a rough one.




I am so happy you are doing much better.. Hope today was good also. I DO NOT go to animal shelter.. I would be bringin em all home..Hope you have a good week!!!