Well ,one day has past scince last entry i blew the dust away from behind the computer.I made some popcorn and made a mess, i"m glad that one of my cats like popcorn i won't have to worry about getting the vacume cleaner out. The day is just about done, i hope i am a little more inventive. Maybe try using the broom and mop, my feet are sticking to the floor, but i can see my counter top. Hey that might seem much to you it means alot to me. The cats will be happy about that one, because while cleaning the counter top off , i found there cat treats, yum yum. Good night to one and all, oh yes tommorow i plan not to procastinate, i will accomplish at least one thing, come on now, pull with me , ihave to be realstic about one thing.LOLThat's better thankyou!