Sorry guys I have not been on here much this week.   Busy, busy.  Had my 5k walk for MS last Sunday which in reality I was cheated and it was only 2.6 miles!  But it was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed walking and talking with my team and would do it again in a heart beat!  Then we went to my little niece's 1 year birthday party (my brother Rob's baby.  Rob is the one that I had the argument with a while back over the kitchen.)  It was a wonderful party and I had a great time.  Didn't talk to my sister much.  I am still a little mad at her for the argument we had a few weeks ago and the way she and her boyfriend spoke to me.  My other brother Sal did not go to the party.  Ugh!  Family drama. 
We go approved to get Maxwell the 13 month old Tibetan Terrier puppy for my mom.  My mom and I are driving to Lexington North Carolina on Sunday AM and driving down.  Staying overnight in a hotel and then driving home with him Monday.  My gps says 7 hrs 11 min not counting stops.  My mom is very very excited.  I have a whole bag full of goodies for him already.  I am not really looking forward to the drive but I am looking forward to spending a couple of days with my mom.  I have before and after pictures on my FB page from the rescue before and after his grooming, but she must have them blocked and I can't share them.  he is a cutie.
I was supposed to drive up to Penn State tomorrow with my Aunt but we are postponing that trip for a few weeks.  It is going to be rainy all day and cold.  So we will wait for a warm and sunny Saturday and drive up.  It is a gorgeous drive in nice weather up in the PA mountains.  And the campus is the most beautiful campus (I am biased of course.)  But I want to go up and spend the day and enjoy the scenery and shop and get my ice cream.  So we will wait.  Which is good, since I am doing all that driving Sunday and Monday. 
I have been kind of foggy brained and sleepy and unmotivated this week.  Stress is up there from work.  Still on Lexapro and thank God no big anxiety or panic attacks. 
I have had urges all week (probably stress) to smoke and have reached for food instead.  even eating when I am full (to the point of being sick to my stomach.)  Talk about sabotage!!!  Comfort food and chocolate all week.  Going to just forget about it until I get back after this weekend and then big time try to get back on track next week.  Exercise is great though which is saving me.  Got over 16,000 steps yesterday.  Doing my Wii Zumba and Wii Walk It out (30 min to an hr each day.)  I have my bowling league tonight.  CRE is finally over (Catholic Religious Education) so I will have my Tuesday nights free.  David's counseling seems to be going ok but really too soon to see major progress.  David is still failing school.
Weather was beautiful here for a day or two then went back to cold, wet and dreary.  Finally got some sun today and I think 65 degrees or so.  I have two more weeping cherry trees in my front yard that died and did not come back this Spring and now have to be taken out.  Bummer.  I only have two left now.  We already lost 3 or 4 already.  Maybe those pesky voles killed them?  But the good news is the forsythia is in full bloom everywhere (bright yellow bushes) and the tulips and hyacinths and daffodils are blooming and the trees have green buds on them and hopefully leaves soon!  Can't wait!
New roof going on soon.  Will be beautiful.  50 year architectural shingles and all new skylights.  I have 11!  I have a beige stucco contemporary ranch, so the shingles will be chocolate brown and will really contrast the blah beige stucco.  Cant wait!  No more leaks!  The price is almost what we spent on a new kitchen with granite counter tops!  I will take pictures.  We are also going to get solar panels in the back I think. 
Well, gotta get back to work.  Bowling league is tonight.  Wish me luck.