Well, just weighed myself today, and in spite of the indulging and somewhat lack of exercise this last week, I lost another lb!  Christmas was really nice.  Christmas eve at Mom's and Christmas day here and then Paul's sister and brother in law came yesterday for dinner.  I think I was good on portions, but did eat desserts.  I was not good on exercise but cooking and cleaning and running around I am sure was something.  I did get a 30 minute walk in with the dog yesterday.  I hit my 10k steps yesterday.  I have to download my steps from my pedometer for the last few weeks.  I think I am averaging 7500 steps per day for the last year.  My new goal for this year is 8000 steps per day.  Need to refocus on my goal for 2010.  I got my 3 new pairs of size 10 pants in my closet.  Hope to be wearing them by end of January.  Back on Fitday documenting my calories and exercise.  Have not been to the Y in over a week.  Too tired today to go.  Had been off work for a week and going to bed very late and sleeping in.  So this week will try to get back on track.  Got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas.  LOVE IT!  Now tracks calories burned and also I can make up a routine to focus on certain goals.  Right now, focusing on tummy.  So I click on that and it makes suggestions of yoga and strength exercises.  Also, got Wii Sports Resort.  The swordplay is so much fun and even after a few minutes, I am out of breath!  I kicked David's but in that and canoeing!  Also, new exercise on Wii Fit Plus is rhthym karate.  Hard to keep up but a lot of fun.  I am still at the beginner stage.  It also has cycling.  You walk on the balance board to pedal the bike and use the controller to steer the bike.  A lot of fun "riding" around the island.   My sister has lost over 130 lbs.  Body wise, she looks great.  But her face...  She looks tired and haggard for some reason.  Got myself a new Tignanello purse from QVC.  The color is Maize, a golden yellow.  Very very pretty and a neutral color.  Goes great with brown and black which is most of my wardrobe and also came with a matching wallet.   Back to work today.  Trying hard to get myself motivated.  David is away for a week with his previous foster mom.  They are off to Virginia to spend time with her family.  I think Kona is enjoying the peace and quiet today.  No visitors or excitement.  She is happily sleeping at my feet.  Heavy rains on Saturday (ALL day) washed away most of the snow.  Now possibly new storm coming on Thursday.  No plans for New Years Day, so I am not overly concerned.  I am on pager duty this week for work and PRAYING for calm and no emergencies.  



Great job on not gaining through the Christmas festivities! Portion control! I am hoping for a Wii in the spring...so I am so jealous!
WooHaa on size 10\'s...by the end of January - YES!