Well, back up to 149 lbs.  Gained a lb.  I looked back and for last two weeks, exercise is good (not great, but good.)  Went to Y 3X last week, 1X this week.  But most days I am doing Gazelle or walking dog at least 30 minutes.  Tracking diligently with Fitday every day.  Average of about 1500 calories per day for last two weeks.  Again, wasn't expecting great weight loss, but very surprised and frustrated by weight gain.  This week I will try to stay under 1400 calories per day and watch my portions better.  Will also try to do a little better with water.  2 days I did not get over 10k steps.  I will try to do 7 days of 10k steps this week. I got all of my vitamins, etc.  I have had digestive issues for probably 4-5 years now.  Could never figure out exactly what changed, other than I hit 40.  But in reading some online material, maybe this extremely low Calcium and Vitamin D has something to do with it.  The Osteo Cal bottle says "For colon health" on it.  Who knows?   Penn State lost to Ohio State yesterday.  I am very disappointed.  No Big 10 championship or Rose Bowl this year.  Bummer.  But I still love them.  They are still my team.   Went over a friend's house last night and had a couple of glasses of wine and a visit.  It was nice to get out of the house for a few hours.  I just really have no life and very few friends really, other than here.  Took David to karate yesterday for a few hours.  Got pictures taken.  Very nice!   I bowl in a league on Friday night.  David and I start our Jr Adult league tonight.  Other than that, gotta get ready for church then come home and clean a little.  Maybe watch a movie later.  I will try to catch up with everyone's journals later.  Take care!