Day 6

Day 6 was yesterday.  Easier to journal the day before completely.  But I have to first say, that I weighed myself today and Thank God!  Down to 150.5 lbs.  So I lost.  And this is the lowest I have gotten to so far.  The lowest I have been in over 6 years (since I have been documenting) is 149 lbs.  So I am there!  I have been on WW for years on and off.  Anyway, sticking to my 45 day plan.   Yesterday was ok.  Started out well:  Coffee, Peanut butter Fiber 1 bar, chicken leg with no skin, orange.  Did well on water- 54 oz or more yesterday.  Dinner was good, but portion was not so good- beef noodle soup (made with leftover meatloaf, tomato & beef broth and some pasta shells and carrots.)  But I ate 1 1/2 bowls.  Yesterday was a struggle in the late afternoon.  I was SO hungry!  I also had a glass of wine with dinner.  But I just remember dinner time and after being really hungry.  I ended up eating peanuts late night, which put me over my max points for the day.  I am not going to beat myself up as I was in the low range of points the rest of the week and I still lost.  but the hunger yesterday kind of worried me.  I wanted the chocolate brownie or chocolate donut SO BAD!  But after dinner, David and I and Kona did our 45 minute walk.  Funny, I walked faster but when I got up to the HS parking lot (well lit as it was after dark), I zig zagged back and forth across the parking lot trying to pick up extra steps and time and only picked up and extra 2 minutes of walking!  i got back after the walk and was still 1200 steps short of 10,000 so jogged in place during commercials and got over my 10k.  Actually, did 10,495 steps for the day.  So over my 10k, 6 days in a row.  I also did 50 jumping jacks yesterday and 20 leg lifts. So today, the plan is to just stick with it.  Maybe will do some bender ball core exercises.  Still a little sore.  Still have some cleaning to do.  I was lookng through the Lands End catalog for Fall.  My favorite!  I love corduroy pants and soft cotten sweaters and fleece!  But I don't want to buy anything yet until I lose a little more weight.  I have plenty of clothes that fit me now, but I am back to almost fitting in the next size down.  I think another 6-10 lbs and I should be there no problem.  So I will wait.   PSU won yesterday.  2nd half was very lackluster.  But I cannot wait to go to that game! I have to sit and plan for this week- meals, exercise, etc.  I have to also get some more Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice dinners.  They are great back up plan for me for the times when DAvid and Paul are eating cheese steaks and things I don't want to eat right now.



I remember Joyce saying that someone told her that she would have to get used to feeling hungry. I have yet to be able to embrace that, lol. That is a hard one! But you are really doing great and your step count is always amazing.
Another 6-10 pounds is totally reasonable and you will get there, and then I want to see a picture of the outfit you buy :)
I will meal plan with you this week :P Let\'s just do it and stick with it!