David is still bringing home good grades, A's and B's.  I am so proud of him and praying he can keep this up.  Took Kona to the bark park this past weekend.  It is so much fun watching her run around and play with all of the other dogs.  She was so pooped when we got home she went right to bed.  She is such a good little girl.  I just love it when I am working from home and she is here with me.  She is just such a doll baby.  I can't imagine how human beings can just kill those puppies like that.  I look at her and think that it was just hours between her being with me and her being dead.  (She was taken from that horrible puppy mill just before they killed the "exceess" puppies.)  This past weekend was pretty good.  Penn State football game was excellent and they are 7 & 0 and I am praying for a National Championship this year.  Could not get tickets to a game but may go up one Sunday just to walk around, shop and eat ice cream at the creamery.  It is just the most beautiful campus. Actually got the front door to the house refinished and Paul and his friend continue to work on finishing the basement.  I can't wait.  All of David's toys will be in one place and have a place to play with them and also put them away.  Paul will actually have a dedicated office and I will not have to wake up to all of that clutter every day.  And I actually found a Penn State Nittany Lions pool table for the basement and will have shelves for my Penn State collection!   David had a few bad blow ups last weekend.  Really ugly.  Kicking, screaming, punching and kicking walls (thank goodness no holes this time.)  Threw my Hoover Floormate to the ground.  All because I told him to stop watching tv and playing video games and clean his room and bathroom.  (It had been weeks since he had done his chores.)  So after the fit, he stands in front of me and says he is never going to do his chores.  So I say that I will make him peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, lunch and dinner until his chores are done.  That lasted 2 days.  He finally cleaned his room and cleaned his bathroom.   My friend N had a motorcylce accident earlier.  Her friend, L, by some miracle of God showed up on her door step the day she was to come home from the hospital.  N thought she was going to come and live with us during her recouperation.  Wow, thank God that did not happen.  N has been on the couch for over 2 months.  Gets up to use the commode, which has to be cleaned out constantly.  Yuck!  I just could never do that.  L took care of her, cooked her meals, served her, cleaned her house (which was really, really, really bad), washed her clothes, etc.  I guess they could not deal with each other and got in a really bad argument and L is leaving today.  Paul and I have been grocery shopping, cashing her checks and running her errands.  I just don't have it in me to do any more.  N is just going to have to get up off of her butt and deal with things.  But she won't.  That is the point.  Until something happens to forcer her to do something, she won't.  I know this is not my problem, but I love her and she is my friend and I can't just to nohthing.  But it is really hard and frustrating to help someone who will not help themselves.  L feels taken advantage of, and she was, really.  L did not work for the last 2 1/2 months while taking care of N.  N paid her rent for one month.  L wanted her to pay her fine for some ticket and N said no.  So now N has to take care of herself.  N hasn't taken care of herself (not very well at least) for years.  Oh well.  I can only do so much.   And now I have stopped exercising and completely blown my diet and am eating comfort foods like fries and chocolate and have to stop.  Now with the weather changing and it getting dark earlier, I feel tired.  I have to get back to exercising.