Waiting for the phone to ring and dreading it!  David's teacher emailed me and he was in another fight at school.  To make matters worse, it was one he started.  Then David lied to the teacher and said it was an accident and 3 kids independantly told the teacher he punched the other kid on purpose.  When the teacher called him out about the lie, he punched the lockers and then stomped to his desk and looked like he was going to stab another child with the pencil.  So I am sure it will be "Come get him" and "He is suspended."  7 years of counseling.  I feel like maybe I need a new counselor.  I know he has these deep seeded anger issues and self control issues.  The counselor works with our parenting skills.  I get it.  That is important.  But it also feels like putting bandaids on an infected wound.  We need an antibiotic!  I need to find a way to resolve his issues, to help him deal internally with his temper, and not how I react to it.  I am so frustrated.  Gosh, last night I felt so wonderful.  Better than I had in a while.  David and the puppy were playing and laughing.  David was selected to do a demonstration for his karate school.  He has even been bringing home better grades the last 2 weeks.  Now, with a probably suspension, we have meetings at school, and one of us will have to stay home with him and it will be a drag.  And when things go negative, they usually go negative pretty bad.  The mood he is in at school will carry over to home.  I am so frustrated!