I feel stuck.  I have to survive tomorrow and then I have to find some motivation over the weekend to get my house organized and cleaned up.  The clutter is getting to me and is depressing.  I have a list of "honey do" stuff.  My husband has been in a funk himself and dragging me with him.  The puppy makes me laugh and makes me happy.  I really need to start getting things done around here and working on my "to do" list and also need to lose some weight.  I think it is a catch 22- need to motivate myself to clean, organize, fix things, lose weight, etc.  But If I get that done, I will feel better too and be more motivated.  We had had a leak in the roof (bad) and they had to rip holes in the ceiling to get everything to dry.  The kitchen/breakfast room goes to 18 ft ceiling on one side to 8 ft ceiling on the other.  It took my husband 2 months to paint the kitchen/breakfast room/family room with scaffolding all over.  Now all of that drywall in the ceiling has to be ripped out, replaced and repainted.  So I feel like we are not working together.  I really want a dumpster in the driveway and I want to declutter and get rid of the excess.  That is where the depression comes in.  I can't clean around the clutter.  I want to finish the basement (currently unfinished, the plan is to put an office, play room and rec room down there.)  Paul started it.  Framed out 2 walls.  Again, can't work around the mounds of "stuff."  He is a collector a holic and refuses to throw anything away and goes to auctions and collects more "stuff."  I just don't know how to get him on the same page.