Friday, April 25, 2008 -- 10 AM   Yesterday afternoon I went to see my physical therapist. She used ultrasound on my knees, trying to get the swelling in them decreased. After that, she turned to hands-on physical therapy, getting my legs to bend, as well as stretching the muscles in them. Although I will only see her one time next week, this will increase to two times a week after that.   As I was waiting for my ride to show up to take me home, a man whom my therapist knew showed up to deliver some shoes to a patient in the hospital. My therapist introduced him to me, and asked if he would work on my shoes to make some adjustments in them. He agreed and I am to meet him next Tuesday at the clinic where I get my physical therapy. We agreed on that location because my physical therapist will be there if any questions arise. He said that he would try to adjust my shoes if possible, but if that did not work, I would probably have to get new shoes, which will be quite expensive.   By the time I got home, I felt tired and completely worn out. Soon after that, I began feeling an extreme amount of pain in my back. I took some medicine for that, but it did not work within the usual amount of time, so I took a second dose. Within half an hour, all of my pain had disappeared.   I spent the night watching TV and doing some reading. One of my favorite television shows, Grey's Anatomy, was finally back on TV following its lengthy hiatus due to the writers strike. After that was over, I did some more reading. I am trying to finish the book named "Money, Money, Money" written by Ed McBain. He used to be one of my favorite authors, but this book is not even worth burning. I cannot recommend it to anyone.   Today I am waiting on someone from the Denver Housing Authority to come and make an annual inspection of my apartment. A woman is supposed to be here sometime between 9:30 and 1:30. In a letter sent to me, I was told that if I was not here when the woman came, I would probably lose my section 8 housing. That leaves me little choice but to remain here for most of the day.   Quotes for Success:   “Choice, not circumstances, determines your success.” Anonymous