Sunday, April 6, 2008 -- 6:25 PM   This has been a lousy, rotten, good for nothing day.    It seemed like I was just getting to sleep last night when all of a sudden I began to get stomach pains.  The longer the pains lasted, the longer I stayed awake.  It was a bad night as far as each of them was concerned.   This pain continued throughout most of the night, and was finally joined this morning by the regular pain in my legs, hip, and back.  As if that were not enough, I suddenly came down with a horrible case of diarrhea.   It was strongly suggested by one of my CNAs that I go on a light diet for the day.  She did not say what that should consist of, so I concocted a small meal of bread and butter, Cheetos, and a thirty-two ounce pitcher filled with ice and Sunkist orange drink.  Delightful sounding, isn't it?  Not!   This evening my stomach still feels somewhat queasy.  I hope things clear up enough tonight so that I can get some sleep because tomorrow morning I am scheduled to go to my mental health clinic and get two dollars worth of medicine.  The ride itself will cost seven dollars.  That kind of sounds like Bush economics.  That is not meant to be a compliment.   Following tomorrow, I have appointments for each of the next three days.  I am tired, worn out, and just about ready to keel over from thinking about everything.  Maybe that is one way to finally get some sleep.   Quotes for Success:   “There's no limit to what a man can achieve, if he doesn't care who gets the credit.”   Laing Burns, Jr.