Monday, March 31, 2008 -- 6:30 PM UPDATE   What is wrong with the people who run Daily Strength?  Someone apparently took exception to a photo I had placed on my new group, Disabled Survivors of Sexual Abuse.  I was just notified by DS that the allegedly offensive photo had been removed, and if I continued posting more pictures of that kind, that I would be banned from this site.   The picture in question simply showed two arms in an upright position and handcuffed wrists.  On each side of the arms, there was writing, which said, "Forget the pain."   The purpose of the photo was to help people forget the sexual injustices and atrocities that had occurred to them during their lifetime.  This was to be part of the healing process.   I cannot see what is wrong with this photo, especially after viewing some of the discussion boards where there is little other than vulgarity.   The founders of Daily Strength need to get their priorities straight.  Either they are going to help people put their lives back together, or they are going to perpetuate the false notions that hurting others is perfectly fine as long as they are the ones not being hurt.  They cannot have it both ways!