During the morning hours, my CNAs each have an hour to get me up.  They are supposed to be here at 8 AM.  One of them was here on time this morning, while the second one was almost an hour late.  We called this CNA' s phone number, and got a man who first identified himself as being her boyfriend, then changed that to her fiancé.  When the CNA finally did arrive here, she said that had been her husband.  One of them was definitely not telling the truth, but I am not sure whom that had been.   I was angry about getting up late because I had a morning physical therapy appointment.  I usually get anxious when I am running late.  Today was no exception.  The physical therapist and I discussed the progress I have been making.  It has been six weeks since I last saw my orthopedic surgeon, so my physical therapist said I needed to go see her again, especially since I am still having some pain in my legs, left hip, and back.  I will have to make an appointment in the next day or two.   My mood is in a place halfway between good and bad.  Since I am neither happy nor sad, I will accept that.  It is better than nothing.   When I turned on my computer this afternoon, my Firefox browser still was not working, so I uninstalled some programs to see if that would help, which it did not.  Then I uninstalled the Firefox program itself and reinstalled it.  That did not work either.  I found my way to the Firefox website, where I managed to find a real live human being to talk with.  I followed the instructions he gave me, and somehow managed to get the browser working within about five minutes.  I was happy with that.  All in all, this has been a good day.   Quotes for Success:   “Success doesn't come to you…you go to it.”   Marva Collins