6:15 PM Okay, I forgot to mention a few things this morning.  When I arrived at my sister's house yesterday, I was met at the door by Mr Stupid -- her boyfriend.  He asked my bus driver when someone would be back to take me home.  When no answer was immediately forthcoming, Mr. Stupid followed the driver back to his bus and asked him again.  That sure made me feel wanted -- NOT! After I had gotten inside the house, he wanted to know why I had not taken the time to call and tell him I was on the way.  I replied that I had told my sister about when I would be there a couple of days ago.  Mr. Stupid wanted to know if I couldn't have taken even five seconds to call.  I said no.  He said that he needed to know exactly when I was due to arrive so that he could put a portable ramp into place for me.  I have been going to that house since 1982, and it has never taken more than ten seconds to get the ramp ready for me.  That was the way the party started.  It ended after dinner (Mr. Stupid had two portions of everything) when Mr. Stupid suddenly stood up from the dinner table, looked at my sister, and said, "Honey, I'm going home.  I'll be back in an hour and a half -- at exactly 8:45."  I resisted the temptation to ask him why bother to come back at all! WEATHER BULLETIN  We are supposed to get from five to ten inches of snow tonight. For those of you who live back in the East, I will send the remnants of this storm to you for Easter. LOL  Please do not feel that you have to reciprocate in kind.