Today got off to a very bad start.  Just as my CNAs were getting ready to put me into my wheelchair, the chair quit running.  They checked it out thoroughly, turning different switches on and off, and even trying to charge the batteries more.  Nothing worked.  It began to look as though I would be spending the day in bed.   While my CNAs were here, my sister just happened to call.  I explained the situation to her, and we talked about possible solutions.  She decided to contact her son, and ask him to come over here and see if he could figure out what was wrong with my chair.  If that did not work, I was going to have him put me into my old wheelchair, and transfer part of the new seating system, and the batteries, from the new chair into the old one.   My nephew got here about an hour later.  During that hour, I tried figuring out what could be wrong with the chair.  I came up with several possibilities, but the one that made the most sense was that one of the other switches had a short and it (the same one that had been repaired during Christmas time) and was somehow stopping the chair from operating.  As things turned out, that was exactly what had happened.   After my nephew got the chair up and running, I called one of my CNAs who agreed to come over and help my nephew transfer me from my bed into my wheelchair.  I am very happy that things worked out, and that I can now get around my apartment on my own again.  Tomorrow morning one of the first things I intend to do will be to call the place where I got the wheelchair and arrange for them to repair the faulty switch, so that this will not happen again.  (After going through all this, I think I need a long vacation -- preferably in Hawaii!)   Yesterday I went to a birthday party for my niece.  I had never been to a birthday party like that before, and I hope that I never have to go to one like it again.  The guest of honor -- my niece -- never showed up.   After getting to my sister's house, I was told my niece had been sick most of the week.  The party was supposed to start at 4 PM, and my niece's husband called shortly after that time to say that they were on the way.  Less than twenty minutes later, he called again to tell us that my niece had started vomiting and could not stop.  He and my sister discussed the situation, and they decided it would be best if they did not come after all.  He also told my sister that once they returned to their home, he would call back to let us know that they had made it okay.  He forgot to do that, which gave most of us a scare because we were waiting to hear from them.   I finally suggested that they may have gone to the hospital ER, rather than go home.  My sister was surprised by my idea, but thought it was a good possibility.  As it turned out, that was not the case.  My niece's husband and admitted to having forgotten to call us.   Because my nephew, his wife, and their children had arrived for the party, my sister decided to go on with it even though my niece was not there.  As I said before, it was a strange party.  My sister had prepared a beautiful dinner table for all of us.  She had also made a large banner which, read, "Happy Birthday."  At my suggestion, they set an empty place at the table for my niece, and placed all of the birthday gifts that she would have gotten in front of where she would have been sitting.  Several pictures were taken of the gifts and her empty chair.   My sister said that she would go to my niece's house todayand take the gifts for her, as well as some of the birthday cake (we ate half and left half for her).   I talked with my sister even before I went to her house.  She was upset with her son and daughter-in-law because they decided to go skiing on Easter Sunday, rather than to spend the day with my sister and the rest of the family.  At the party, as we were all sitting in the same room, my sister suddenly burst out and said that she needed to talk about Easter.   She told my nephew that she was disturbed because they would not be celebrating Easter together as they have in years past.  My nephew told her that it would be the last day they could go skiing, free, this year, and they wanted to take advantage of that.  That put an end to the conversation for a while.    As the conversation ended, various people scattered to different rooms, and the children went outside to play football.  My sister came back into the room, where I was sitting and asked where everybody had gone.  I jokingly said, "You ran them all away."  Upon hearing this, she turned around and stormed out of the room.  She returned shortly and told me, "You sure know how to lay a guilt trip on someone."  (I had forgotten how sensitive she could be, and wound up making an apology, which I think she ignored.)   My sister could not let go of the subject.  She said she could just not believe that they would not all be spending Easter together.  My nephew told her to count on that for next year.  My sister asked what would happen if she were dead by then.  My nephew replied that they would put an empty chair for her at the table and take a picture just as they had done for my niece's birthday yesterday.   I had arranged for my ride to pick me up to return home at 7 PM.  As my luck would have it, it was late arriving, and I was pacing by the time it showed up.  That had been the strangest birthday party I had ever been to, and I could barely wait to get out of there and go back home.   Quotes for Goals:   “People with goals succeed because they know where they're going.”   Earl Nightingale