Your Opinions Wanted!   Something happened last night for which I need some opinions.  This concerns my home health care agency, so for those of you who are tired of hearing me complain about it, I respectfully suggest that you do not read this journal entry.   Due to the accident I had around Christmas, my doctor issued orders to my home health care agency to use two people when getting me in and out of bed.  This order has had some mixed results.   When my regulars CNAs are working with me, things seemed to go smoothly.  But when one or more of them gets sick, necessitating that a different person fill in for a while, almost anything is liable to happen.  For example, one temporary replacement had a drinking problem.  I complained and asked that she be removed.  My request was granted.  Another person apparently thought that one of the ways in which they were helping me was funny.  She started laughing during a serious procedure.  I did not have to complain, because the nurse was here at the time and she saw to it that the person was replaced.   During the last couple of weeks, one of my nighttime CNAs has been sick, and various other CNAs have substituted for her.  Some were better than others.   The procedure being used to put me in bed requires I pull my wheelchair as close to the bed as possible, which means until one is touching the other.  I then tilt my chair backwards into a reclining position.  One person then grabs me under their legs, while the other person takes hold of me under the armpits.  At the count of three, they both pick me up at the same time and transfer me from my wheelchair onto the bed.   The person who had me under the armpits last night, lifted me over the arm rest of my chair, and then all hell broke lose.  She somehow managed to lose hold of me, which resulted in my being "slammed" onto my left side on the bed.  I was extremely angry at that, although I did manage to hold my temper.  She asked me if that hurt, and I said yes.  I dropped it at that.   Today my left shoulder, and the entire arm, is vary sore.  My left arm is my best one, and I use it almost exclusively.  For this reason, it is imperative that I do not sustain any injuries to it.   I could have called the home health care agency this afternoon and made a formal complaint against the CNA, but I like to give people a second chance, even though I feel that this one is lazy, stupid, and somewhat incompetent.  I do not feel that she is well qualified for this position, and I do not feel safe with her working for me.   Tonight I intend to tell her about the injuries I sustained last night, and to let her know that if there is a repeat performance of what occurred, then I will make a formal complaint against her.  I do not want to be mean, but at the same time, I need to have someone working for me who I can trust.   One of the purposes of my entry today, is to get some feedback from my friends about this.  I would like to know if you think I am handling this properly or not.  Am I being fair?  Do you think there is something I should do, which I may have overlooked?   Any opinions you have would be greatly appreciated.   Quotes for Goals:   “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.” Brian Tracy