Yesterday, I went to see my physical therapist.  I have not made a lot of progress in the past week, but my left knee appears to be getting more flexible.  The inside of my left foot appears to be bruised, and my therapist said there appears to be a "spot" on it.  She asked another therapist for a second opinion.  That therapist agreed to what my therapist said already.  In addition to that, she had me wear my left shoe for nearly two hours.  At the end of that time, my shoe was removed and there were red spots all over the foot.  My therapist seems to feel that I may need new shoes.  Since I need to wear ones that  are custom-made, they are going to cost a small fortune.  However, my sister has offered to pay for them.   This morning I received a phone call from a therapist at my mental health clinic.  It was from the first therapist I ever met there.  Although I was not here to take his call, he did leave a voicemail for me.  He said that the head of the clinic, as well as one of the therapist's with the substance abuse program, both told him that I wanted to try and get back into therapy with him, even though he was now with another program at the clinic.  In his message to me, he said that he would enjoy helping me again; he also said that it would be hard work.   Although I am grateful that he will be helping me again, I am somewhat confused considering the fact that last week the woman who runs the clinic told me he could not help me because he was now working with another program.  I do not know what has caused the change, but I will discuss that with him during our first session.  I have tried calling him back today, but have not yet been able to reach him.   This afternoon I am going to see my psychologist.  Tomorrow morning, I need to go downtown to my bank and get some money, then return home in time to catch my ride to go see my physical therapist again.  I have one or two personal things planned for Friday, and then on Saturday I am going to my sister's home where she is holding a birthday party for her daughter.  This has been one of the longest, and busiest, weeks that I have had in a long time.  I do not think it will get better any time soon.   Quotes for Goals:   “Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” Brian Tracy