Yesterday turned out to be one of the better days that I have had in a long time.  I did everything that I had planned on doing, and most things turned out well.   I paid my rent, and talked to the apartment manager about the leak in my toilet, and asked her to have the burnt out light that led from my apartment building to the parking lot replaced.  Although the leak was supposed to have been repaired by the time I got home yesterday afternoon, it was not.  It looks like I will have to work on that again today.   The session with my psychologist went well.  We discussed several of the problems I've been having during the period that I've been sick and unable to see her.  She said that I've been through quite a lot in a short period.  I told her that my sister had agreed to see her with me, but that when she did, I did not want to talk about my sexual abuse in front of her.  That was agreeable with my psychologist; although she said I could always tell my sister straight out that I did not want to talk about it with her.  Either way is fine with me.   When I got home, there was voicemail waiting for me from the director of the mental health clinic where I go.  She had been trying to reach me for a few weeks without any success until yesterday.  She said that since I had completed the work in my Relapse Prevention Group, she wanted to know what services I would still like from them.  I said that I really needed some help on my depression and that I would like to have the therapist who I talked with once before.  Unfortunately, he is now doing some other type of work for the clinic.    I was told by the director, that she would find someone else to work with me within the next two weeks.  I said that would be fine and that there would not be any hurry since it was hard for me to get around in the snow.  She asked whether I would prefer working with a man or woman, and I said that it did not matter.  After thinking about it for a few hours, I realized that I should have told her I would prefer a woman.  Since I will not be starting right away anyhow, I think that I will just wait and see whom I get.  I am quite sure that the director will give me someone who is very good no matter what the case may be.   Quotes for Love:   “Food offered without affection is like food offered to the dead.” Hindu Proverb