10:10 AM – M.S.T.   My sister came to see me yesterday afternoon.  I should have remembered, but did not, that she usually brings me a box of chocolate candies on Valentine's Day.  Since I did not have anything for her, I quickly put on my "thinking cap" and came up with something that I could give her an exchange.  I had just gotten a few CDs, one of which I knew I would not like, so I gave her that one.  It had not been opened and looked brand-new.  It contained some pieces from her generation.  Maybe I should have said some pieces that she would remember.  That does not make her sound quite as old.   The candy was good -- too good, in fact.  I shared them with my sister, as well as with one of my CNAs.  The trouble (if you call it that) came as I was watching television last night.  I kept going back and forth from the living room to the kitchen area in order to get to the candy.  I finally decided to hold a box of candy on my lap while I watched TV.  That was a bad mistake.  Once I ate just one piece of candy, I could not stop.  Before I had finished, half of the box was empty.  Then I could not figure out why I had developed a stomachache.  Soon after that, I realized that I had really turned into a pig.  I wound up learning my lesson, as I soon had to take two different kinds of medicine because of eating too much candy.   I had a good night's sleep last night (no thanks to the candy).  This is probably because I now like all of the people who are helping me.  There are couple who were not too fond of one another, but I do not really care about that.  The important thing to me is that I like them, and feel that they are doing a good job for me.  When things in my life go more smoothly, I find that I can sleep much better.   Quotes for Happiness:   “Happiness is not always measured in smiles.”   Anonymous