As the time to go to Indiana gets closer, 6th of this month, I am finding the anxiety almost more than I can bare. I am so paranoid...feeling like someone is always watching me, following me. My lil sister sat up with me last night to talk with me. She is so patient. I thank God every day for my family and friends. She has lessened my anxiety somewhat or at least to the point where I can actually sleep. I am still frightened but am determined to go into the court room with my head held high. I am gonna look good but not so good that he gets away with everything. I have all of my doctors, past and present sending faxes to my attorney to state the condition of my heart and my emotional sides. I have my abuse counselor faxing in. I am going into that room fighting. I am tired of not fighting and being so passive. I am still scared but I can do this.