Finally got drawers for the 'reorganizing room' goal. sheesh...took long enough for Walmart to get those things in. I have had this head ache for a couple of days now. I hate head aches. the only thing that makes em go away is narcs, and i don't like narcs so I guess i'm just gonna deal with it. I killed myself doing errands yesterday. the 1st 2 stops weren't bad: pick up new hair gel and then go to Walmart to pick up the drawers. All was fine and dandy till I had to go down town to put money down on mom's new bed. I hate down town!! I hate driving around the city! too much commotion for me! too much traffic! too many pedestrians!! too many one way streets! and to make matters worse, they had construction every where, so lanes were squished together and there were deturs every where!! HATE IT!!! Then today I had to go back down town with my room mate and his truck to pick the damn bed up! It's NO WONDER MY FREAKIN HEAD HURTS!!! And then to make my head hurt even more, Matt has been yelling at me today. I can't dance around his mood swings anymore...what sets him off is a mystery anymore...I think he should just get some super strength Midol and shut the fuck up! Either that, or get a pregnancy test done to find out if he is pregnant! Sheesh I know I got anger problems but I at least I never get mad out of the blue sky. no mood swings here! Maybe if his test shows up positive, all I would have to do is shove some ice cream in his face and he'd shut up! gosh, should I buy some extra boxes of tissue in case he starts crying uncontrollably, too? Hopefully tomorrow God will help him cheer up a bit and help him count his blessings... while He heals my aching head.